Heart to Hands
Restorative Touch

About Me

My name is Laurie I am excited to have the opportunity to offer Massage Therapy inside Bikram Yoga Exton!   I am all set up in the studio room behind the reception area.  I offer regular hours in the booking page on my website.   However, if  you prefer another time during the day or wish to arrange massage in your home for yourself, couples, family including children or friend(s) massages, please contact me personally. 

About Me

I have been trained in multiple massage modalities including deep tissue therapy, trigger point & myofascial release, Swedish relaxation, sports massage and massage stretching techniques.  In addition, I am a mother, corporate professional on sabbatical and avid fitness person.  I enjoy a variety of activities including hot yoga, running, strength & conditioning training, & biking.  I have found one of my true passion with providing theraputic massage therapy to help others relax and/or heal their bodies.

So, whether you experience tension in your body from overuse in fitness or work, performing repetitive actions, caring for your family, or experience stress in your life, Therapeutic Massage offers so many benefits to your body, mind and spirit…. All Over, Inside Out, Fingertips to Toes!  My intention to help restore you!

About Massage Therapy (Why is it good for you?)

Therapeutic Massage therapy is touch therapy that acts as ally with standard medical treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Massage is helpful for boosting immunity, controlling blood pressure, relieving pain and stiffness, sports-related injuries, managing depression and anxiety, and stress relief.  Additionally, as a passive exercise, massage therapy is known to provide benefits including stretching tight muscles, stimulating lymph flow, increasing joint flexibility and improving circulation.

Alone, both massage and yoga do wonders for your overall well-being but together they form a powerhouse of health that produces benefits that can increase your quality of life.  Combining the benefits of yoga with massage enables your mind, body, and spirit to achieve a harmony that influences your lifestyle and overall health.

My Goal with Heart to Hands Massage Therapy – Hands that Help, Hands that Heal

Some massage therapists specialize in a particular massage technique or modality.  Instead, the motto that I am most fond is “Give the client what they want but also give them what they need.”  Let me start by saying, I LOVE the human body.  The human body fascinates me. We are all have the same types of muscles and joints yet each of us carry our bodies differently.  Your body is wonderful and research has proven how important human touch is to our well being.  My heart is centered on how I can best provide service that will help, heal & relax by applying a combination of massage strokes, techniques and stretching. 

My job is to listen to what you say and connect that with what my hands detect your muscles, tendons, ligaments and tissues need. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have tension until you stop the world around you, sink into the warm table and are touched.  My desire is that you leave the massage table sensing your body got exactly the treatment needed that day, that your spirit is calm and relaxed and your mind is peaceful and well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you charge?  $50 for 60 minutes, $60 for 75 minutes and $75 for 90 minutes.

What happens during a massage?  The first visit,  you will fill out an initial assessment and sign a waiver.  This lets me know what areas I should focus on or avoid and any past history of surgery, injury or conditions.  Each visit, I will ask you if you want full relaxation massage or therapeutic massage where I work deeper into your muscles.  I will step out of the room while you undress to your comfort level and lay down on the table.  I will direct you to start face up or face down depending on what we are working on in the session but will have you turn over ½ way through. During the massage, you will be completely covered on a warm table, with sheet and blanket over you. I only remove the body part from under the sheet/blanket that is being worked on, tucking tightly for your comfort & security.  I will ask you a couple times for feedback if pressure is too much or too little and how you are doing.  We can talk during your massage, or you may wish to completely tune out or a little of both.  Again, whatever you feel that day.  Dim lights and music are typical.

The all important question…. Do I keep my underwear on or off?  It is really completely your choice to leave underwear on or off - whatever you are most comfortable with.  I am comfortable either way.  I do recommend women should remove their tops/bras to provide best access to back muscles.  Massage therapists do not massage breast tissue (requires special training and physician referral), genitals or gluteal cleavage.   I may massage pectoral chest muscles and glute muscles with your permission as these muscles are often tight and contribute to shoulder & sciatica pain respectively.  We can certainly do massages through comfortable clothes if that is also your preference.  Lastly, I may want to suggest a stretch or active release technique at the begining or end of your massage when you are dressed or while securely draped.